Months have passed since the City of Oak Ridge voted to discontinue the use of red light and speed enforcement cameras, but while tickets aren't being handed out, officials are still monitoring drivers.

The Arizona based company Redflex shut down the cameras and flashes, but the city asked them to keep the computers and sensors on so they could still track how people are driving.

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A Redflex report showed an increase in speeding since the program ended. In just 21 days, there was a 231% increase in speeding in school zones.

The city's four red light cameras caught an average of 20 cars per day. In the weeks since they've been shut down, Redflex says that average is up to 28 cars per day, and it's still growing.

Read the Redflex report

Redflex believes their cameras made Oak Ridge safer during the last five years, with reduced accidents, fewer speeders in monitored locations and a decrease in red light runners. It's now up to the city council to use this data to determine the best way to keep people safe.

The Traffic Safety Advisory Board has a meeting scheduled June 17th to discuss the Redflex data.