On Friday, the U.S. House passed a bill that would fund Y-12 and other nuclear weapon and security facilities during the federal government shutdown.

Y-12's spokesperson, Ellen Boatner, told 10News the security complex is preparing to shutdown next Thursday, but it's waiting on a final decision from the National Nuclear Security Administration.

The bill approved by the House would fund the NNSA through December 15th.

Tennessee Representative Chuck Fleischman spoke on the House floor in support of the bill.

"Let me be clear, Y-12 is going through an orderly shutdown. We cannot allow this to happen. Not as Republicans, not as Democrats, but as Americans. The nation's security is at risk. This bill keeps Y-12 open and this is exactly what we need to do," said Fleischman.

The bill now moves to the Senate. ORNL is also preparing for a possible temporary shutdown. In an email to employees this week, the director said ORNL's carryover will likely allow it to operate through October and into November. After that, furloughs may be required.