A TCAP discussion at an Anderson County middle school took a surprising turn on Monday..

The Oak Ridge Associated Universities and Roane State Community College surprised teacher Susan Silvey with a $30-thousand dollar classroom makeover during a seventh grade assembly.

Silvey teaches science at Lake City Middle School.

She entered O.R.A.U.'s annual Extreme Classroom Makeover contest hoping to win new technology to help her students achieve their goals.

"They know, they have an understanding, that the education is what's going to make a difference in their lives. And they have a deep care and concern about learning. They love to learn. And so for them, this technology added in with that education, they're going to thrive on this and really be able to excel in their education even more," said Silvey.

O.R.A.U. will work with Silvey to find out what she wants and make the changes. They'll unveil the new look to the students and their parents this summer.