Parts of East Tennessee braced for a possible few inches of snow late Saturday night into Sunday morning. Some areas saw some accumulation, others not so much.

But, the scene 24 years ago was much different.

March 12 marks the anniversary of the Blizzard of 1993. It's considered by many to be 'The Storm of the Century.' The heavy, wet snow stuck, with Knoxville recording 15 inches. Many areas, especially near the mountains, saw as much as 2 to 3 feet of snow.

One Maryville woman remembers it like it was yesterday.

At the time, Amanda Mesnard was 9 years old.

"We'd always laugh and joke and say 'The Blizzard of '93 went up to my daddy's knees.' That's kind of how we measured it," Mesnard said.

Her family’s home was completely snowed in. They were left without power or electricity for a week.

“If it would have been like today, we would have been in trouble because we don't have a wood heater or anything like that or well water," she said.

Her family had a wood stove that they were able to cook their meals on. She says she has fond memories of that week.

Her daughters Brooke, 7, and Karis, 5, were looking forward to seeing a snowfall like the one they’ve heard stories about.  When they woke up Sunday morning, though, they saw something much different: Grass. They were disappointed, to say the least.

“We wanted to play in it,” Brooke said.

"They've never really seen that much snow so they can't really imagine what that would be like," Mesnard added.

The girls still made the best of their day, playing outside on the trampoline.