Pets Without Parents waived adoption fees Saturday for cats in exchange for a bag of cat litter or a $10 donation.

The shelter began this week with 169 cats looking for a new home, influencing the need for the cat adoption event.

"We asked ourselves, what would make it more fun and increase the chance for someone to adopt a cat," Pets Without Parents Director Dani Langston said.

When there are a lot of pets at the shelter, both space and resources become tight, the need for pet adoption crucial.

Pets Without Parents is non-profit and no-kill shelter, welcoming all breeds of dogs and cats to get the care they need while waiting for their forever home.

"We did this event once before as a trial run, and decided to do it again since it went well the first time," Langston said.

About a dozen cats were adopted today. A few new pet owners even took home multiple cats and kittens.

"It was a win-win situation," Langston said. "We needed cat litter, and we needed our cats to find forever homes, so it worked out perfect."

Although most people came to this event today looking for a new cat, some of these people left with a new pooch instead.

Two dogs were able to find new homes today, too. Langston explained that when people are hoping to become a new pet owners, they will tour the facility, see all of the pets they have to offer and make a connection with the perfect one.

If you are interested in volunteering or adopting, you can visit their website or call them at (614) 267-PAWS.