An Oneida man took to the streets of his hometown Monday in a tribute to the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Trinity Smith ran some 50 miles along one of Oneida's main streets, Alberta Street.

"Honestly, I've had thousands of people blow their horn," said Smith. "Several thousand, no joke."

Although it poured rain from the remnants of Hurricane Irma, Smith said he didn't mind.

"How could we ever forget what happened on 9/11 of '01?" he said. "Very tragic."

While Smith said he didn't know any of the almost 3,000 victims who died in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, it still affected him personally.

"I think about like, for example, all those that were going in to save people's lives," said Smith. "They pushed their limits to the extreme to do that. So I think about that, that they did that, and I keep pushing myself to the limit."

Running was one way he could show his care and respect for those who died.

On his final lap Monday, in the dark, he was joined by area first responders.

"It's more than I can explain," said Smith. "I mean it's amazing. They come out here and show support and take part in this. I mean, I could never explain how much that means to me."

Smith has run to support causes as well, including in 2014 when he ran 50 miles to help raise money for a friend who was fighting cancer.