Leaders at Oneida Middle School are making sure girls receive positive messages no matter where they are.

Upon returning to school, female students will notice inspirational message posted in the girls' bathrooms. The messages are well known quotes like "be yourself, everyone else is already taken" and "BElieve in YOUrself."

Oneida Middle Principle Kelly Posey says she got the idea in May after visiting the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.

"All their restrooms we (sic) decorated to make the girls feel special and empower them to do great things," she recalls.

So Posey brought the idea back to Onieda Middle School with the help of teachers and other parents.

"Girls should feel special no matter their shape, size, color. My hope is these girls will read these quotes and know they are beautifully and wonderfully made. They can do great things if only they believe in their self."