Channel 10 is teaming up with local animal shelters to "Clear the Shelters."

One way you can support shelter animals is by donating gently used hand-me-downs.

A thrift store for pets is tucked inside the second floor of the building that houses the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley.

"This thrift store is actually a really cool place. Sometimes people bring us donations and they are things we cannot use in an animal cage like a plastic bowl. The dogs will chew them up. or sometimes they bring us Christmas decorations. I found a box of fossils in here," Cera Smith, the volunteer coordinator for the Humane Society said. "It just depends of what people bring us. So if it's something we can't use downstairs in our facility we actually created this thrift store as a place where people can make a donation to the shelter and take something really cool home for their pets or their family."

She said most of the inventory is for dogs and cats, but not all of it.

"We actually had two aquariums donated. They have all of the stuff you'll need to have a frog or a lizard," she said.

There aren't any prices on the items. People just make a donation based on the honor system.

"We want people to come in here and be able to take care of their pets without paying pet store prices," Cera said.

The thrift store helps pet owners and their donations help other potential pets.

"Every animal we save has some sort of need whether it be food, shelter, water, sometimes veterinary care and all of that, of course, is something that costs us money so every dollar that comes in through this thrift store helps us take better care of the animals that we're trying to get adopted downstairs," she said.

Humane Society Thrift Store Hours:

11:00 to 7:00 Tuesday through Thursday.
11:00 to 6:00 Friday through Sunday.