Three-year-old Belle has had an eventful life to say the least. She was born with a birth defect that left her with two back legs that altered her ability to walk correctly.

Belle spent the beginning of her life at the Monroe County Friends of Animals shelter in Madisonville, Tennessee.

With a little help from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinarian Medicine and Animal Ortho Care, a company in Virginia, Belle was able to get a prosthetic leg.

While Bell learned to walk again, she was still missing a companion.

Luckily for her, disabled Air Force veteran Carl Jones was looking for the same thing.

“I can hug her because I get depressed sometimes. She actually helps me control it. She makes me feel good,” Jones said.

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After Jones lost his first German shepherd, he found Belle through the Pets for Patriots program. She was a dog that reminded him of himself.

“It's hard to talk about. I really try not to think about it because it brings back things that I try not to remember anymore. I'm getting better at that,” Jones said.

Now, Belle lives in Florida with her forever family and helps Carl cope with depression. Belle's been in her forever home for a year now and Carl, and his wife Suzanne, said she was the final piece to their family puzzle.