Momo, a lab husky mix, was in serious need of help when she was brought to The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley.

She had a tumor the size of a tennis ball on one of her back legs. When they removed the tumor, they got some bad news about Momo’s health.

"It did turn out to be cancerous, so we don't know how long she has to live," Amy Buttry, executive director of the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, said.

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The uncertainty about her lifespan was making it difficult to adopt the playful pup.

“This could be a couple of months, and you've already gotten attached and now you have to say goodbye, so it takes a really special person,” Buttry said.

A veteran who was a part of the "Heroes and Hounds" program took on the challenge.

"One of our veterans, who volunteers training shelter dogs, we asked her if she would like to do a hospice foster for the rest of her life and she said absolutely," Buttry explained.

Momo is now living near a lake playing happily with her foster mom's other dogs, just like everyone at her former home hoped would happen.

"We just wanted her to have the best life possible," Buttry said.