1 stick of butter

1 cup water

1 cups All-Purpose White Lily Flour

4 eggs

Boil margarine & water, remove from heat.
Add flour all at one time while on stove and stir w/ paddle till dough comes away from sides.
Place bowl & paddle on mixer & beat on slow speed till cooled to luke-warm (about 100 degrees) & forms ball.
Beat in eggs one at a time on med speed; mixing well after each.
Mix until dough is a smooth, thick paste
Line pan w/ parchment paper
Put dough in pastry bag and pipe onto the parchment lined sheet: Size of a quarter 1” apart
Bake 15 min & check to see if center is dry. If not bake 5min more and recheck.
Cool; then cut center leaving hinge on side
Bake Convection Oven 350 – Standard Oven 400 for 15 - 20 min or until lightly brown, amber color.

Presented by: Bradford Catered Events

Date: 4/3/17