A controversial bill involving pet stores failed in the state House Monday. 

The bill is named the "Tennessee Retail Pet Store Consumer Protection Act," but it is also known as the "Petland Bill" because of the corporation it would benefit. 

The legislation was proposed by Shelbyville Republican Rep. Pat Marsh to help Greg Bearden, who is in the process of opening a Petland in West Knoxville. A companion bill was introduced in the Senate by Knoxville Sen. Becky Duncan Massey. 

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The bill would have provided funding to cover certain medical expenses to people who buy sick dogs from retail pet stores, but critics say the bill creates more opportunity for pet stores to buy from puppy mills.

The bill passed the Senate Monday with several amendments on a 19-11 vote. It later failed in the House on a vote of 45 in favor, 47 against and 2 present but not voting.