A dating app or an ad for a shelter dog?

"Alfonzo, 12 caught staring at his crush. Hangs at the skate park, comments "not funny" on funny memes. Lives in Halls."

Sounds like a dating profile right?

With each post to Facebook, the Young Williams Animal Center is spicing up its pets' personas.

In addition to a name, each cat or dog gets a few funny personality traits. It's part of a push to help them all find loving homes.

"I just wanted to spruce up the way the bios read, I've been doing the same thing for 2 years, and I wanted to make more of an impact and get them adopted," YWAC Marketing Coordinator, Courtney Kliman said. "We've seen that we're getting more followers on all of our social media sites and almost every pet that I'm writing this way for is getting adopted."

You can read all of those bios on the Young Williams Animal Center Facebook page.