Although Peyton Manning left his career of leading the football team last year, it looks like he might have found a new one leading football fans.

According to a DirecTV commercial, Manning has taken on a new role as the "Commish".

What does his new job entail? He is the leader of his own, award winning... Fantasy Football League.

But, it seems he is taking the new "job" a little serious.

The ad shows Peyton in a makeshift locker room (his garage) completely filled with playbooks, maps of the field, and a half dozen monitors with NFL games and the Fantasy line-up for his team "the Ter-MAN-ators" right in front of him.

Manning delivers some tips for your 2017 league in this commercial. Some of the advice includes picking a perfect name for your league, not auto-drafting your line-up, and, of course, purchasing the NFL Sunday Ticket on Direct TV.

He even offers a little bit of advice to current Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. But, in return, Prescott advises Manning by telling him to, "get a job."

Manning retired from the NFL in 2016 after nearly 20 years.

Before his stint in the NFL, Manning played for the University of Tennessee from 1994-1997 where he was awarded the Johnny Unitas Award and the ESPY for Best College Player in his Senior season.

This year, Manning accepted the position of "Strategic Advisor" for Riddel, a company that makes football helmets for college football and the NFL.