The support for the people of Sevier County in the aftermath of the devastating wildfires has been enormous.

Huck Finn's restaurant in Pigeon Forge opened their doors to take donations and served free meals to first responders and evacuees all day.

Tuesday evening, they made a special delivery to the Pigeon Forge Fire Department, to give those men and women who've been working countless hours a chance to enjoy a hot meal and a chance for a little rest and relief.

The firefighters were very grateful for the meal, and all of the outpouring of support from the community.

The folks at Huck Finn's shared one of those memorable moments with us. As they were buying supplies at a local store to give away, they were stopped by an older woman in the parking lot. When she found out what they were doing, she offered a dollar, saying I don't have much, but a I want you to take it and do what needs to be done.

Such a great example of how East Tennessee pulls together in difficult times like this.

Here's how you can help.