At least 100 vases are missing from a Cumberland County cemetery.

The cemetery's owner believes thieves stole them and that they made thousands of dollars from stealing a sentimental gift.

Colorful flowers mark the graves at Green Acres Memory Gardens in Crossville, but not all the graves are marked as many are missing their vases.

"Well it's pretty low when you steal something from a dead person," said Frank Bohannon, president and manager of the cemetery.

But that's exactly what Bohannon believes has happened. He says relatives sometimes visit their loved one's gravesite and think the vase is missing when in fact it's only upside down.

After straightening out the confusion, Bohannon says there are still 100 vases that are missing.

"After checking and making sure they were missing and not upside down into the markers and waited a week or so to see if some other family member would bring them back for decoration, they were still missing," he said.

Bohannon filed this police report for the potential theft, saying each vase is valued at about $250. That's a total of about $25,000 for all 100 missing vases.

"They're made out of bronze, high copper content, a little bit of silver content, and nickel," he explained. "It's a felony in Tennessee to steal a cemetery vase."

Bohannon is asking relatives who may have vases to please contact him letting him know they have them.

Investigators say they do not have any suspects at this time.

If you have any information about the thefts, please call the sheriff's office at (931) 484-6176.