East Tennessee has been enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures, but with snow back in the forecast, city and county leaders are gearing up for what could be a wintry weekend.

A rain and snow mix is expected to develop Saturday afternoon, with snow accumulations likely Saturday night into Sunday morning.

This time of year, Knox County highway crews are usually gearing up for mowing grass. By this weekend, though, the department's 80 workers are on standby for any winter weather we might see. 

"I think that's typical East Tennessee weather. I think that a lot of times I've seen in the past where it's been this warm and then you get an abundance of snowfall," said Knox County Highway Maintenance Director Brian Hubbs.

City of Knoxville workers are making the same preparations. Drivers will be deployed to every major area of the city, and a number will be on standby over the weekend. 

Tons of salt are ready in case road conditions get bad. 

"We are well stocked on salt right now," said City of Knoxville Public Service Department Construction Manager Josh Roberts. "We're only had the one event back in January and we have replenished our supply since then."

City and county leaders say one good thing about the forecast is that any precipitation we see will fall on the weekend when fewer people are on the roads. 

TDOT is also monitoring road conditions, and will adjust its crews if winter weather does arrive back in our region.

KUB will have crews on standby in case of power outages, which is a possibility with heavy, wet snow.

"Don't assume we know your power is out. Please be sure to call us or go online and report it and be sure to include any information that might be helpful," said KUB's Stephanie Midgett. "Then, be patient. our crews work a lot of extra hours. especially in the event of winter weather. that snow can make getting where they need to go and be a little more treacherous."