The puppies bitten by a copperhead snake have fully recovered and found loving homes.

Last month, five hound puppies were bit by a copperhead snake and their cheeks swelled up.

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Two of the puppies were taken to a veterinary clinic in Lexington, Kentucky for emergency treatment. The organization, Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue, said the clinic offered to donate hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the two pups, which places them in a high-pressure chamber to rapidly increase body tissue healing. The chambers are often used to help dogs with necrosis and swelling from snake bites, burns and other serious wounds.

The organization was able to exceed its fundraising goal to pay for the five puppies' emergency treatment. According to its GoFundMe page, the group had raised $10,515 of its original $8,000 goal in seven days. The group said it would use the extra money to pay for after-care and medicine for the puppies.

All five puppies have undergone hydrotherapy and have been on pain medications and multiple antibiotics since being released from the emergency vet.