In some parts of our area, drivers got caught in afternoon rain storms as the remains of Tropical Storm Cindy chugged across East Tennessee.

Near the Oliver Springs Public Library, damage from the last round of severe weather is still on display.

"The limbs fell down out of the tree right to the side of it," said Marcella Bean, pointing at broken branches and tree limbs.

"These limbs are actually from this tree right here and if we have another one it's going to fall on the caboose,” she said referring to a train car sitting outside the library.

Bean said the storms weeks ago brought heavy winds, rain and hail, downing trees across the city. These conditions and water damage have her keeping an eye on the forecast this weekend.

"If it rains like that for several days we have flooding in our areas,” explained Bean.

The Oliver Springs Police Department shares the same concern.

"We do have a lot of low lying areas that are prone to flooding,” said Captain Brad Aytes.

They're watching the forecast and warning drivers to look out for hidden hazards.

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"Everybody is on standby in case we were to get weather, downed trees or flooding and we can bring them in and take care of the problem,” Aytes said.

As the storm arrived, drivers took cover to wait out the rain.

Across Roane and Anderson counties, people have faith that no matter what happens, they'll pull through.

"God's watching over us, he'll bring us through any storm we go through,” said Bean.

Again Oliver Springs Police are encouraging drivers to take it easy this weekend. Avoid any downed trees or power lines and don't attempt to drive over washed out roads.

Some KUB customers lost power in the Knoxville area as the storms came through Friday night. As of 11:30 p.m., 838 KUB customers were without power. Earlier in the evening, more than 1,300 people were without power.