A Fentress County family can finally bury a loved one who's been missing more than a decade.

Ray Von Newman was reported missing Jan. 10, 2005. His truck was found parked at the Tinch Ford Bridge in Jamestown, but no sign of Von Newman was found.

More than 11 years later, on March 7, 2016, someone found human remains off of nearby Banner Springs Road and contacted authorities.

The remains were found under a large rock next to a bluff with other fallen rock.

The Fentress County Sheriff’s Office worked with the Livingston Police Department and the TBI to excavate the site and send the body for an autopsy and identification.

Now Fentress County authorities say they're finally able to confirm the remains are those of Newman.

The University of North Texas Human Identification Lab positively identified the remains, according to a release Thursday.

Interim Sheriff Gary Ledbetter notified the family that the man had finally been found.