As Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida, East Tennessee-based Remote Area Medical airlifted dozens of pets from harms way.

The volunteer corps flew to Tampa Friday, returning with 38 cats and dogs from area shelters.

“The poor things are defenseless, and we had to do something,” said Stan Brock, RAM founder.

The group is asking for volunteers to help care for and house the pets.

But they’re not the only out of town visitors in East Tennessee this weekend. Kate Banaszak and Ashleigh Hudson drove more than 14 hours from Delaware with a truck full of relief donations for RAM.

“We thought, we should just do something instead of waiting for someone else to step in and help,” said Banaszak.

Kate Banaszak and Ashleigh Hudson drove from Delaware to donate to RAM's hurricane relief efforts.

“It’s humanity, you have to take care of people,” she added.

It’s the kind of support that inspires Stan, as the threat of Irma, and more need for RAM – grows.

“It never ceases to amaze me, the depth of compassion and commitment Americans have in this country,” he said.

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