Hurricane Matthew has killed more than 800 people in Haiti. Many families and loved ones are still missing after the storm tore through the island.

To help the victims in Haiti, a local team with Remote Area Medical is heading to the Caribbean Island Saturday morning.

"We've had a long history in Haiti over the years and Haiti, of course, is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and top five poorest countries in the world. We got to help those folks down there so we are starting a deployment to Haiti tomorrow," said RAM founder Stan Brock on Friday.

A team of three people will pack a plane full of medical and dental supplies to provide free care to those who need it most.

"Roads are washed out, homes such as they were in Haiti from the fragile little tents and so on, people have been living in since the earthquake and since the cholera crisis so the depth of misery in Haiti is just unbelievable," Brock said.

The team met briefly Friday afternoon to go over plans and logistics, including where they will land their plane safely.

Brock said another team will head toward Haiti on Oct. 14 to help with more recovery efforts.