UPDATE, WEDNESDAY 3 P.M.:  An animal rescue group has relocated a dozen ducks from Fountain City Lake to a local farm.

City Councilman Mark Campen led the effort to move several of the ducks because of an increasing problem in the park with the duck's droppings. He was concerned that created a health hazard for people enjoying the park.

His original plan to work with some local kids to round up the ducks was postponed on Tuesday evening, but Campen told 10News on Wednesday that "Unbeknownst to me, the group Knox Farm Animal Save showed up yesterday and took it upon themselves to relocate the ducks."

Campen said he trusted the animals would be well cared for by the group, and that he hoped the "thinning the flock to help clean the area up some will be accomplished."

UPDATE, TUESDAY 2 P.M.: Knoxville City Councilman Mark Campen has postponed a planned duck roundup at Fountain City Lake.

Campen told 10News Tuesday afternoon that a duck rescue group has recommended they plan the roundup for a different time. 

A new time hasn't been set yet. 

Campen said TWRA and city leaders have agreed to the duck removal. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Knoxville City Councilman Mark Campen has organized a duck roundup for Tuesday at Fountain City Lake.

Campen aims to take the invasive ducks from the pond to a nearby farm. 

Students from Shannondale Elementary and a Cub Scout troop will be armed with nets in an effort to grab about 12 of the non-protected ducks.

Campen hopes it will help beautify the park and reduce goose and duck feces at the park that has seen an increase as of late. He said it will also make the park a healthier environment.

"It'll be entertaining if nothing else. I've never tried to catch duck. We're going to have to be careful, and I'm sure they're going to want to bite us," Campen said.

The roundup is set to start Tuesday at 6 p.m.