The Roane County Humane Society has stopped taking in animals after costly veterinary bills left the organization with no money.

The society says they owe more than $2,000 to the Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital which accumulated after taking in several animals with severe medical needs.

"We're just kind of at a breaking point," said Amy Johnson, a board member for the Roane County Humane Society. "Our bill can't go up any more, it needs to go down first."

The small non-profit rescues and helps find homes for hundreds of dogs a year. They rely on foster families to house dogs until they are healthy enough to be adopted.

"We have closed our intake. We just cannot take any more dogs on until we have our vet bill paid," Johnson said. "Although we can't take any dogs in that would need vetting, we still work very diligently to try and get the dogs out of the shelter."

Dr. Patrick Hackett owns Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital and works with humane societies across the region. He tries to provide the animals from the societies as much care as he can for as cheap as possible.

"We try to do everything we can to help these humane societies, but we have to meet our costs, we can't do it for free," Hackett said. "If we don't have to keep these animals in shelters and we don't have to euthanize them, then we all save tax dollars."

The Roane County Humane Society is asking for people to donate money to the Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital under their name. You can call them at 865-691-8387.