This Sunday was unlike any other for the congregation of Roaring Fork Baptist Church.

The fires in Gatlinburg consumed many of their homes and their house of worship, but it did not consume their faith.

Members of the church gathered at Camp Smoky Sunday for a powerful service.

The message: How faith can lead people out of tragedy.

"We are going to astonish Gatlinburg. We are going to astonish the world. And people still in the midst of this are coming to Christ and we are grateful for that," Pastor Kim McCroskey said during his sermon.

After the service was over, people embraced and wiped away their tears.

"We all love the Lord. We love our church, and I live just up the road from the church. It's sad every time you drive by, but it's not going to be long before I see another one going up," member Peggy Walden said.

The church said it plans to rebuild as soon as it can, and hopes to make the new church even larger and stronger.

Until then, Pastor McCroskey said he was thankful for the help the church received to give it a temporary place of worship.

"We might not see as many people at our temporary location, but we are going to make the best of what we have now," McCroskey said in a message to his members. "Our local association is the reason we only had to spend one day homeless. Robert Nichols, our Director of Missions in Sevier County, offered us the campus of Camp Smokey on the 29th which actually means we were not homeless even 24 hours."

If you would like to help the Roaring Fork Baptist Church, you can find more information on its homepage at this link.