Russell Biven Easter Basket Extravaganza 

10 oz of dough
1/4 head of lettuce
1/8 head of red cabbage
4 baby carrots
1 hard boiled egg
4 oval sliced cucumbers
4 red grapes
4 green grapes
4 cherry tomatoes
Making the basket:  Roll thinly 10 oz of raw dough and place over a 7" disposable aluminum pan, cut excess away from circular pan.  Keep excess.
Bake in oven at 450 for approximately 5 minutes.
Remove pan and dough from oven.  Take out pan and flip it.  Now, using excess dough, make the "handle for the Easter basket," attaching it to both sides of basket.
Place back in oven for several more minutes.
No slice thin, long strips of lettuce and red cabbage.  Mix and use as nest for basket.
Add hard boiled egg, baby carrots, grapes, cucumbers and tomatoes.
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