It's early April and another Butterfly Fund Gala is approaching. The fund was started after the passing of two beautiful little girls, Emily Barger and Maddie Harrell. It helps those effected by childhood cancer.

Many of us who support the Gala are searching for silent auction items from members of the community. I pick up the phone and call the same guy I call every year. He owns The Highlands Condominiums in Gatlinburg, and I ask if he will donate a two-night stay for the Gala.

As always, he graciously agrees. In fact, I think he wonders why I call instead of just assuming he's going to help.

That man is now the Mayor of Gatlinburg, Mike Werner. Over the last 24 hours, we were told that Mike, a father of seven, lost his condo business and his own home to the wildfires.

Today, Robin Wilhoit and I interviewed him. He thanked the viewers for their overwhelming support and said if anyone wants to help the city of Gatlinburg, he would greatly appreciate any donations.

On behalf of the families he has helped over the years who are struggling with childhood cancer, I'm in. I hope you are as well.

Oh, and Mike, if you are reading this, don't bother calling me every year to ask if I can help, just assume I'm in, like you always were.

Donations can be made to:

Gatinburg Relief Fund
P.O. Box 1910
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868
Call 865-453-2650 for more information.

More ways to help can be found here.