Spots to watch the eclipse along the path of totality in East Tennessee are filling up fast.

The Tennessee Country Campground completely booked its RV park in Niota in 2014. The tent spaces filled up earlier this month.

"Tents and cars, tents and cars is all you're probably going to be able to see cause we're going to be packed in here like sardines," said Kasey Skidmore, the RV Park Manager.

The campground and RV park is bracing for a crowd of more than 300 people this weekend from different states and countries.

Skidmore said the park still gets at least 40 to 50 phone calls a day asking about spots to watch the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

"We have no room for parking or more tents," Skidmore added, "so it's going to be slam packed right now."

Skidmore said they are having to turn people away, and they are encouraging callers to try to find individual property owners who are opening up their land to view the eclipse.

Sandi McKee in Athens is one of those that is starting to see her family farm fill up.

McKee only decided three weeks ago to open up her 20-acre farm, but she already knows of about 100 people who plan on staying there in RVs or tents.

"All the campgrounds, the hotels were full," McKee said. "People are wanting to come in from all over the country, so I have 20 acres here so we thought it would be a good choice to let people come in and enjoy the eclipse."

McKee has spent the last few weeks transforming the land to make it suitable for guests. She is charging $130 for RVs over the weekend and $60 for tents. On the day of the eclipse, it will be $10 per person for anyone who wants to park on the land.

She is planning activities like volleyball, a bean bag toss and a bonfire Sunday night. For McKee, this experience is more about the relationships than any money she makes.

"I love people," McKee said. "I love meeting new people so this was just a no-brainer. I mean it was something we wanted to do so we're doing it."

As of Wednesday afternoon, McKee still had space available for rent. For reservations, call 423-368-3285.

Other property owners in the area are also offering their land for rent either over the weekend or the day of the eclipse.