A group of boys from New York are in East Tennessee this week, helping put the finishing touches on a playground that every kid can enjoy.

The 23 students are from The Fordham Prep school in the Bronx. This week, they are working on the Play with no Boundaries playground at the Oneida City Park.

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"Play with no Boundaries was designed to allow children of all abilities to play together and it fosters acceptance of young children, you can get them to play with other children. And the closest playground that we have for special needs children is in Knoxville so its a big deal for around here," said Play with no Boundaries founder and mom Amy Martin.

The Fordham School has been doing volunteer work in East Tennesse every summer for the last 15 years with Habitat for Humanity.

The boys say they are excited to be a part of the project, but the trip doesn't come without some culture shock and a lot of hard work.

"This is my first time doing manual labor like this. I am not a handy man, I am not afraid to admit it. Just picking up these shovels and getting dirty, it's something I have never done. But it's really nice especially since it is going towards a good cause. It's really motivating," said student volunteer Baley Palonco

Work to finish up the playground has experienced some set backs due to weather, but they expect it to be finished within the next two weeks.

Play with no Boundaries has already raised more than $87,000 dollars to pay for the playground, but that's still not enough to pay all the bills. Find out more and see how you can help at their website.