ID=12471411(WBIR) The Campbell County High School shooter returned to court Friday morning, facing new charges.

Campbell County deputies arrested Kenneth Bartley Jr. late Wednesday night after his father called and texted his son's probation officer, saying his son had "gone crazy."

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When deputies arrived, they found Bartley drinking alcohol on the front porch of his parents' house in LaFollette, which violated his probation.

When deputies tried to see if he was okay, they said Bartley tried to hit them. Officials charged Bartley with two counts of assault on a police officer and violating his probation.

A judge Wednesday morning appointed defense attorney Greg Isaacs to represent Bartley. Isaacs was Bartley's attorney during his trial for his role in the deadly 2005 shooting at Campbell County High School.

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This was the second time deputies arrested Bartley in the past month.

The court hasn't set bond or a court date at this time.