It was a 4th of July holiday weekend disaster for the owners of the Fireworks Superstore. The building was destroyed when fire erupted Sunday afternoon.

The Stowers family that owns the store has been in the fireworks business almost 70 years.

Tyson Stowers says he still doesn't know how the fire started.

"We actually have no idea. We do know it started in the back of the store, and from there we have no idea," said Stowers.

He found out about the fire from a phone call.

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"I got a phone call from my mother, and it was about five o'clock and the store was on fire. I was able to tell she was very upset. I jumped right in the car," said Stowers.

The fire got out of hand fast, which put first responders on the defense.

"That's why we tried to stay back to a safe distance as much as possible. Using our master streams. And we tried to keep everyone safe," said Robert Stooksbury with Caryville Fire Department.

The state fire marshal's office spent part of the day looking through the rubble for any leads. Firefighters believe the building was up to code.

"Fireworks shops are licensed by the state. They have to go by state regulations. We do make our walkthroughs and make sure they have fire extinguishers and all of that, but as far as permitting, that is from the state," said Stooksbury.

The Stowers family says they won't give up the tradition.

"There are no words to describe it. It's a bad feeling, but you know what, we are strong. We will persevere and get through this. We will rebuild. It's not the end of us," said Stowers.

The fire marshal's investigation is expected to wrap up in the next few days.

The Stowers family has another store in Luttrell.

They do have insurance on the building they lost but they still need to sort it out.