ID=11285389For the first time outside the courtroom, the man who admitted to shooting three administrators at Campbell County High School spoke to reporters.

Monday afternoon, Kenneth Bartley, who was convicted of reckless homicide in the fatal shooting of Ken Bruce in February, walked out of the Campbell County jail once again.

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He was arrested over the weekend after his father said Bartley threatened to kill him. His father put up the $2,000 bond to have him released from jail.

After deputies arrested him and put him into the patrol car, the arrest report said Bartley unlocked the back door and tried to run away, but deputies quickly ran him down. Deputies said Bartley then kicked them and tried to head butt them. The report said the deputy stunned Bartley with a taser.

The report says he was stumbling and appeared to be under the influence.

Bartley told reporters Monday that he regretted what happened with his father.

"I love my dad more than anything," Bartley said walking out of jail.

He said he planned on getting help and talked about his goals for the future.

"To become a successful, meaningful member of society. To do the right thing, get away from the life I had all the way up until now," Bartley said.

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Bartley's attorney, Greg Isaacs, said he sees the arrest as a "cry for help."

"Quite frankly he's been under a tremendous amount of scrutiny, a tremendous amount of pressure since the jury came back in this very same building," Isaacs said after the hearing.

Isaacs said he and Bartley's father are working to get him counseling. He added Bartley asked for supervised release.

"He's a young man who's sincerely trying to make it one day at a time. It's very rare when you have a client wanting more stricture, more supervision," he said. "We're going to take responsibility for the allegations."

Isaacs said Bartley is enrolled in welding school.

His next hearing is set for July 11th at 9 a.m.