(WBIR - Scott County) Garbage littering the highway has become more than just an eyesore in Scott County. Officials say it's hurting their image.

Saturday morning, Pine Hill Fire Chief Tommy Craig was among the dozens of people picking up trash along the roadways.

He said, "There is a lot of trash. I think my son found like nine tires. We've just got a lot of trash."

Every year in April, dozens of people living in the area take part in the Vivian Smith Scott County Looks Good to Me county-wide clean up project.

Paul Strunk, chairman of the Scott County Community Development Committee, said, "First impressions mean a lot and we want to make sure that when people come to visit Scott County they have a good impression of Scott County."

Also picking up litter for this year's event were Sheriff Ronnie Phillips, Commissioner Ernest Phillips, and County Mayor Jeff Tibbals.

Mayor Tibbals said, "The majority of what I'm picking up along this stretch of Highway 27 has actually come out of an empty truck coming back from the landfill."

Scott County is one of five counties in the Big South Fork Recreation Area. Trashy roads could lead to lost tourism dollars for the area. Also, Mayor Tibbals said the litter problem could cause potential businesses to leave, which would be a problem for an area still struggling with unemployment.

"If you have companies coming in they don't think you have much pride if your community is covered in trash," Mayor Tibbals said.

Chief Craig added, "Not only that, it helps for wildlife too. Some of that stuff is a danger to wildlife and I'm a big wildlife fan."

Regardless of their reason, the volunteers were thrilled to take a few hours tidying up their community to make a lasting impression.

Scott County's Chamber of Commerce has launched a new county-wide campaign encouraging those living in the area to pledge to pick up one grocery bag of trash each week. To sign-up go to http://www.scottcountychamber.com/trash.