ID=13852643Voters in one part of East Tennessee have drastically changed their county's political landscape.

In Scott County -- that meant nine new county commissioners and a new mayor elected to office last Thursday.

Residents in Oneida said they're excited about new faces. And in one case, it means a second chance for one commissioner, and current paramedic, who lost his seat during a previous election.

"When it comes to voting time, it's what's best from the county and I think the people have stated that this time," said Rick Russ, who will be Scott County's 4th District County Commissioner.

Russ is one of the nine new members of the Scott County Commission. It's not the first time he's been in public office, either. Russ served eight years on the commission, only to lose his seat. He understands that means it's time to go to work.

"In four years if we don't make something happen, they'll make a statement again," said Russ. "It's the way this county's going to work. If they even give us the four years"

Wanda Marcum, a Scott County resident, said politics there aren't like what you see in bigger cities. She said people care about who they're voting for because, more than likely, they know most of people on the ballot.

"In this community, everybody knows everybody and loves everybody, and we get along as one big happy family, as a rule."

But Marcum said a friendly relationship only means their elected officials will be held more accountable.

And while voters weren't specific about what they wanted to see done differently, they consistently voiced their desire for action.

"Well, I think we were due for a lot of changes, and I think everyone is pretty happy with the results," said Marcum.

Commissioner-elect Russ said it's now up to the county government to deliver those changes.

"I don't think anybody got in this election just to draw a little paycheck because it isn't enough to fool with. But I think everyone came in here with a goal and I think we can get it done."

Several voters told 10News they believe early voting played a big role in this election.

According to the Scott County Election Commission's website, more than half of the people who voted for Oneida's new mayor, Dale Perdue, cast their votes during the early election period.