Update Thursday:
Two missing penguins from the Sunbright City Park have returned home. The lighted penguins are part of a festive display in the center of town.

After WBIR 10News aired a story about the holiday theft, vice mayor Tony Supeck said someone dropped off the plastic displays behind a building near city hall.

Officials don't know who took the penguins, but they are now back on display.

Original story:

(WBIR-Sunbright, TN) It looks like a grinch really did steal a piece of Christmas in the Morgan County community of Sunbright.

"I mean these lights are for the children and for the residents. Why would you want to take them?" vice mayor Tony Supeck asked.

Two weeks ago, Supeck discovered two missing plastic penguins stolen from the city park display. The vice mayor said both of the displays were tied down to the ground at the time.

"I guess 'Willy' and 'Chilly' decided they got taken away…" he added.

The police chief put out $250 of his own money for information leading to these festive fowls' discovery. However, it's not about finding the lights that's important for vice mayor Supeck: it's about pride.

"The strange part about it is that's the only thing missing, but the penguins were located in different parts of the park," he added.

And if you have any information on these penguins, call city hall at 423-628-5260.