(WBIR - Knoxville) The more than two-week partial government shutdown impacted thousands of workers here in East Tennessee who worried they wouldn't have enough money to pay their bills. That meant places like Second Harvest saw more people asking for food than normal. The food bank serves 18 counties in East Tennessee and they saw an increase in demand from families across the area since the shutdown began.

Second Harvest said most of its customers worried about paying their bills for food, utilities, and housing. "When you don't get a paycheck and you depend on it - it really is an astounding stop to the way your life has flowed," explained Second Harvest Spokesperson Elaine Streno. "It's a really scary thing for some of the families that they have had to endure."

Second Harvest officials say they were preparing for significant relief in Anderson County if furloughs hit Y-12 and ORNL. While they avoided that problem - they say they are worried what will happen November 1st when food stamp funding cuts take a hit.