People and pets alike were evacuated on Monday night from the Sevier County wildfires.

The Sevier County Humane Society is doing what it can to keep dogs, cats and their pet owners together.

Michaela Sorey is playing a huge role in all of this, she's the shelter manager for the Sevier County Humane Society.

On Monday night, Sorey was part of a group that had to evacuate the Sevier County shelter.

"It was so smoky, we were having difficulty breathing," Sorey said. "We could see fire, not on the property, but in the distance, close enough to see flames coming toward the shelter."

Luckily, there was only minor smoke damage to the shelter, but animals still needed a place to go.

Crews at the Sevier County Fairgrounds helped to set up a temporary shelter for all the animals displaced during the wildfires.

This shelter isn't just about taking care of displaced dogs and cats. They are accepting short-term stays for evacuees who no longer have to a place to live, and need someone to care for your animal while things are figured out.

All of this, free of charge.

For the animals who are strays, Sorey and the shelter are working with vets and vet technicians to provide animals with the utmost care.

"Smoke inhalation, breathing issues, they've got burned paw pads that are seared, burned whiskers and fur, we've had a few traumatic cases and a few mild cases," Sorey said. "We've seen it all."

Right now, the shelter has a handful of cats and dogs, but Sorey said the numbers are only going to grow.

"When the National Guard and the Police Department," Sorey said. "Open up the area again for residents to get back into, that's when we're really expecting animals to start pouring in."

If people don't have a place to stay then neither will their pets. At the end of the day, the Sevier County Humane Society wants to help.

"We're just here to be a service. We can't help everybody get their home back, or their clothes back, or have a bed tonight," Sorey said. "We can do, at least, or specialty. Take care of your pet so you don't have to worry."

If you'd like to donate or volunteer with the Humane Society, check out their Facebook Page. Information on lost pets are posted on the page too.