(WBIR) An East Tennessee wildlife group is asking the public's help in finding one of its missing birds.

The American Eagle Foundation said one of its Peregrine Falcon's got loose Saturday afternoon from their "weathering yard" in Pigeon Forge. While the group is conducting its own search they are asking people in Sevier County to keep an eye out for the falcon.

According to a release, the falcon, named Scimitar, is used for education purposes. Her most distinguishing feature will be leather falconry straps attached to her ankles.

Missing falcon description:

  • Medium-sized
  • Grayish-black head
  • Dark blue-gray back
  • Small beak
  • White and black bars across her chest and under her wings
  • Will have leather falconry straps attached to her ankles

If you think you have spotted the missing falcon, you can call the Eagle Foundation at 865-809-3282 or 865-809-2385. You can also email them at eaglemail@eagles.org with the word "urgent" in the subject line.

The group said to be sure you can clearly see the leather straps on her ankles, otherwise it could simple be any other bird.