(WBIR- Hamblen County) A group in Hamblen County wants the city council and county commission to take funding away from the Morristown Humane Society because the group claims the shelter is being mismanaged.

Dr. Daniel Parks with the Animal Care Center of Hamblen County said he is proposing his group take over animal control for the county. He said the city and county currently give the Humane Society about $270,000 for this service.

Parks said the shelter has been dirty when he's visited, and the current management is not following policy to spay and neuter animals before putting them up for adoption.

"The area I was in was very nasty," he said. "Every cage was filthy with the animals laying and walking in the filth."

Steven Eldridge is the current director of the shelter and said he took on this position in May.

Eldridge said the shelter temporarily stopped taking in animals on Monday due to overcrowding.

Parks said he saw a weigh ticket from the landfill on Tuesday stating that the shelter had taken a thousand pounds of animals.

Eldridge said they have not euthanized any animals due to overcrowding.

"Every day we do adoptions and that opens up room for incoming animals instead of euthanizing to make room," Eldridge said. "This is a humane society."

Parks said, "I was in that cooler personally, and there was two dead bodies in that cooler Monday. From Monday late morning, to the trip they made to the landfill yesterday, it increased to a thousand pounds."

According to reports from the Morristown Animal Shelter, 189 animals have been euthanized from January 1, 2014 to July 14, 2014. That number is down from 729 euthanized animals for the same period a year before.

The shelter failed to provide data for July 15th, the date the animals were taken to the landfill.

Eldridge said the shelter picks up dead animals on the side of the road and stores them in a cooler for two to three months, which, he said, explains the 1,000 pounds of animals.

Parks said his group wants to create an environment that will welcome back rescue organizations to take the animals.

"I have a problem with how they're being run," Parks said. "I have a problem with the credibility of the people there, and their willingness to be truthful."

According to shelter statistics, 155 animals have been transferred out to rescue organizations from April 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014, down from 355 for the same period last year.

The Humane Society will meet Thursday. Parks said he would like to see a new board appointed.