Two siblings in Seymour are putting a twist on the classic lemonade stand to help raise money for police officers and firefighters in their community.

Fourth graders Kyle and Morgan Campbell started their stand this summer, spending a few hours a day selling lemonade. Since then, they’ve graduated to fall home décor – selling decorative jars of nuts they collected from their yard – and strawberry Kool-Aid.

They were inspired to give the money they raise to police officers and firefighters because of their uncle, who is a police officer.

“Sometimes he came home really tired because he has to work nightshift and sometimes he has to chase a lot of people,” Morgan said.

Their other inspiration came from their bus driver, who is a volunteer firefighter.

“The first couple weeks we raised $105 we took it to them at their [Seymour Volunteer Fire Department] monthly meeting in September,” Morgan said.

"It was great to see these two kids take it upon themselves to practice philanthropy and have a deep caring for their community in which they live in. Kyle and Morgan understand the big picture and will be great future citizens. I told their mother that she should be very proud for her two kids," said John Linsenbigler, Executive Administrator Seymour Volunteer Fire Department.

Kyle and Morgan have set a goal of raising $150.