Your child's school is probably one of the last places you'd think a car break in would happen, especially during peak drop off times.

But that's exactly what gave thieves the cover they needed to get away with the items, including a hand gun, in a recent incident.

"Concerned," said The Goddard School owner Anoula McCarren. "You know, what are we doing? Do we have security?"

McCarren owns The Goddard School in Hardin Valley.

"Fortunately we have cameras here, we got it all on tape," said McCarren.

Her security cameras caught something you never want to see, especially at a school.

A white car backs into a spot near another car, smashes the window, and drives off, all in about 30 seconds.

"We have apartments across the street from us, businesses on this hill in this area, so you have wonder, why are they targeting daycares?" said McCarren.

The thieves took nearly $1,200 worth of one parent's belongings, including her gun.

"Thieves are like hunters, they're going to go where the stuff is to hunt, and they're going to pick the right opportunities, like the daycares," said Knox County Sheriff's Office Capt. Robert Hubbs.

Hubbs said he hopes stealing from daycare parking lots won't become a trend.

"First thing would be obviously, don't leave expensive items in your car, but if you do leave something in your car, the trunk is your better bet," said Hubbs.

In the last six months in the city and county, Hubbs says there have been 86 car break-ins that involved a gun being stolen.

"They do make mobile gun locks, that you can put a handgun inside a little vault," said Hubbs. "And I would suggest if you don't have your gun with you, it be in a vault or a very secure place other than a piece of flimsy glass, tempered glass that can be knocked out."

It encourages McCarren keep a close eye on her security monitors.

"Making sure that those individuals entering the parking lot are parents," said McCarren.

Hubbs said you can check out a crime map that Knoxville Police and Knox County deputies have put together.

It breaks it down by type of crime committed, and it's called Community Crime Map.