Two soldiers are reflecting on their actions that saved a man’s life and kept his family from harm when he had a medical emergency while driving.

Staff Sgt. Joshua Butler and Staff Sgt. Jeremie Lindsey are recruiters with the Tennessee Army National Guard. They were driving on Maynardville Highway around 3 p.m. Friday when they spotted a vehicle driving erratically down the road.

“First thought was ‘well this guy must be intoxicated,’” Butler said.

The soldiers got closer to the vehicle just as the man’s driving got worse.

“Soon after he clipped the bridge the van came to an abrupt stop and Staff Sgt. Lindsey swerved to miss the van and moved over to the left to block the passing lane,” Butler said. “And I yelled, ‘hey man, he’s having a seizure.’”

Realizing it was a medical emergency, they jumped into action.

"If we see a civilian that's in danger, you know, that's what we do, we don't think we just act,” Butler said.

They called EMS and helped the man until medical professionals arrived on the scene. The man's wife and children were in shock, but thankful these two military-trained medics were on hand to help.

"Been deployed twice overseas as a senior medic and I wouldn't change it for the world,” Butler said.

"I had no aspiration to become a medic and it just sort of happen that I became one, and it's probably the best decision that I've made in my life," Lindsey said.

These brave men won't call themselves heroes, but the people who reached out to share this story would.

"The fact that these two soldiers would stop what they were doing to help a complete stranger shows their love and dedication to protect this country,” said Tish Burchfield.

Back at their recruitment office later in the day, these soldiers have one small request for the man whose life they helped save that day.

"We would sure like for him to come in and say hi to us and let us know that he's doing ok,” Lindsey said.

The soldiers say they're thankful the man's wife was in the front passenger seat and put the vehicle in park once it stopped, keeping it from rolling away.