After school, the staff at Fair Garden Family Center, stayed after hours to learn how to "Stop The Bleed"

The class, started after the deadly mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, is designed to teach citizens what to do in a mass casualty situation.

"If an active shooter comes in this school how long do you think it's going to take EMS to come into help?" asked UT Medical Center Nurse and Trauma Services coordinator Debi Tuggle.

"This class empowers people to learn a life-saving technique," Tuggle emphasized.

The class learned how to recognize life-threatening bleeding, apply direct pressure, pack a wound and how to apply a tourniquet.

"It is simply one of the easiest things you can do to learn how to save a life," Tuggle said.

The class was already scheduled before the mass shooting in Vegas Sunday night.

"There were many, many victims that were helped just by the person standing next to them that took their belt off and applied a tourniquet and took their shirt off and applied pressure to a bleeding wound," Tuggle said.

The principal, Tiffany Watkins said this class is important for the safety of their students.

"The more prepared we are, the more prepared we can be to them in times of needs," Watkins added.

She said it's also important for other situations outside these walls.

"It's not just a school thing. it's a people thing," Watkins said.

To learn more about the Stop the Bleed class, click here.