There are day camps, overnight camps, sport camps, music camps - the options are endless! So how do you choose the right summer camp for your kid to attend? 

Chris Strevel, executive director of Tate's Day Camp, says the best place to start is by considering your child's interests. 

"Nobody really knows your kid better than you the parent, so I would start by what's my child's interest? Is it sports? Is it arts and crafts? Is it technology? Is it gaming? There's just so many different things out there for parents to choose," Strevel said. 

You can find almost any camp available in the greater Knoxville area. Once you've found the one your child wants to attend, Strevel says it's good to visit the camp, if possible, or talk to the director on the phone. You can also check out the camp's website to get a good idea of what activities they offer. 

"You'll know what type of environment your child will thrive in, so I think as a parent you'll really sense that when you find it," he said. 

We'll have more tips for making summer plans all week long during Summer Survival Week on 10News Today.