Across the country, five states are held primaries or caucuses on what some called "Super Saturday."

Voters in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine and Nebraska are holding presidential preference elections.

The first results to come in were from the Kansas caucuses. On the Republican side, election officials say Sen. Ted Cruz has won. The Texas senator is adding that to his previous wins in Iowa, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Texas. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton.

GOP officials say Cruz has also won in Maine. He came to the state on Friday to campaign a day after Trump rallied supporters in Portland.

In Nebraska, Sanders grabbed his second win of the night.

In the Louisiana presidential primary elections, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump got their first wins of the evening.

Trump was later declared the winner in Kentucky's Republican caucuses. Previously, Kentucky held a primary election in May but agreed to have an earlier caucus this year. Democrats will still vote in the regular primary election on May 17th.

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president and 2,383 to win the Democratic nomination.

Rubio campaigned in his home state Saturday. The Florida senator is under pressure to win the state's March 15th primary. The victor will claim all of the state's 99 delegates. Trump says he will clinch the GOP nomination if he wins Florida's primary.