Holy Sunsphere, Batman! If you love comics, classic geek culture or supporting local businesses in general, read on!

A mild-mannered citizen by the name of Alan Bradford is organizing a cash mob for Knoxville's New Krypton Comics on Saturday, Oct. 7. You can find more about the event at this link.

Randy Cross owns and operates the store in Powell at 6767 Jubilee Center Way off Callahan Road. We did a story on him back in January, and true to the name of his store, he has a particular soft spot for the "Man of Steel" with more than 900 pieces of Superman memorabilia in his personal collection.

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Bradford is organizing the cash mob this weekend to support Cross and his store. Like a flash mob, a cash mob gathers a bunch of people to head to a business on a specific day and patronize it (in the 'buy stuff' sense, not the 'I'm superior' sense).

The store will also be holding a big sale and prize giveaways that day, so you may leave with more than a few comics and collectibles. There could possibly be some refreshments, too, but that's TBD!