Barbecue spot Sweet P's opened a new catering spot in North Knoxville.

"Catering Only" isn't a new idea for Sweet P's - that's how the restaurant got its start back in 2006 before opening locations on Old Maryville Pike and the Old City.

Owner Chris Ford says growing catering needs were putting stress on their two restaurant locations. The new spot is twice the size of the other restaurants at about 2,500 square feet and houses an industrial kitchen, offices, storage, and more.

The building was previously owned by Meals on Wheels and KARM. Sweet P's says it was designed for a catering business so only slight changes were made.

Ford says the bigger kitchen will allow them to expand their catering menu to include items like New Orleans style food and finger foods.

Sweet P's caters to both small and large groups. You can find more information on how to order here or call 865-306-2727.