ID=11330477(WBIR- Wartburg) The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into the suspicious death of a Wartburg toddler.

Morgan County Sheriff Glen Freytag said the office received a call June 1 about a child choking on a cookie. When the officer arrived at the scene, CPR was being performed on the little boy, Freytag said.

The sheriff said the 17-month-old was taken to Roane Medical Center and died later that day.

DOCUMENT: TBI predication letter (PDF)

The responding officer said they did not see any reason to collect evidence or investigate initially.

"No marks on the child, no bruising, or anything like that to let them know that anything had been going on," Freytag said.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office say they went back to the home to investigate later in the day on June 1.

According to a TBI predication letter, the Roane/Morgan Counties Medical Examiner, Dr. William Bennett, ordered an autopsy on the boy June 2.

The autopsy said he had multiple blunt force injuries including contusions, abrasions, lacerations, and a spine fracture.

The predication letter says District Attorney General Russell Johnson called the TBI to investigate the case on June 2.

It was later discovered the toddler was the subject of an ongoing Department of Children's Services case from November 2013 when the child received multiple injuries including a splintered spine. He was removed from his mother's home at that time. The mother's boyfriend, Roger Dale Prince, and an unnamed person are listed as suspects on the predication letter.

The letter says the child was returned to the mother's care May 7.

Roger Dale Prince, an unnamed suspect, and the child's mother, Amanda Beaty, are listed as suspects for the June 1 incident.

"We know the three people that were there," Freytag said. "Someone there did whatever happened."

TBI is the lead investigator on the case.