It's hard to be a Florida fan living in Big Orange Country, especially during the Florida week.

Just ask Gale Lewallen from Oneida. She's such a big Florida fan that she goes all out to decorate her home in orange and blue.

But her neighbors are not having it.

Every year, her neighbor Monica Bee redecorates her yard in orange and white right before the big game.

This tradition started almost five years and each year it gets bigger and bigger. Her family and friends have started to chip in and they continue to add more elements every year. This year, they painted her yard orange and white.

Monica and Gale have been neighbors for over ten years. Monica says Gale has always given her a hard time about being a VFL and one year she had enough. She and her kids waited until after midnight to redecorate Gale's yard. The next morning, Gale thought it was hilarious and that sparked the rivalry tradition.

Who doesn't love a little friendly competition?