Countless music fans know the frustration of being too slow on the draw for hot concert tickets.

When shows sell out, the only option fans have is it to turn to third party resellers often selling at inflated prices. After Chris Blue's hometown debut sold out in less than 10 minutes, third-party brokers had tickets listed at over $400.

"It is not illegal to sell a ticket for the higher price than face value in Tennessee, and if people really want to pay that much for a ticket, I can't stop them either," said Tennessee Theatre Executive Director Becky Hancock.

Though reselling tickets on sites like StubHub are part of a capitalistic society, Hancock says the risk to buyers is from sites selling bogus tickets.

"Sometimes they're not selling valid tickets. They see a hot show that's announced, they want to get in on the money and they pretend to sell tickets to the show. Sometimes they're even selling tickets before we do," Hancock said.

The Tennessee Theatre partners with Ticketmaster to broker tickets for shows at the venue. The theatre limits online ticket sales to four per person, but even with that restriction, popular shows sell out quickly.

"If you have about 1,500 or 1,600 seats for sale at the Tennessee Theatre, you would need less than 400 people to buy online with that four ticket cap," Hancock said.

Hancock believes that tickets for the Chris Blue's concert sold out rapidly because of fan enthusiasm, not because of ticket bots or third party resellers.

Because of the demand, Chris Blue added a second performance, but not every act is able to do that.

"We had a feeling that there might be a big demand for Chris Blue, so we we were booking this concert we probably held some dates around Sept. 8 open just in case," Hancock said.

Adding additional concerts helps more fans get tickets at face value from the theatre, but it's not an option for every high demand concert due to artist's tight touring schedule.

Tickets for Chris Blue's additional concert will go on sale next Friday, July 14, at 10 a.m. on the theatre's official website.